Wednesday, May 23, 2012


pickled eggs with beets
Nanny's Purple Eggs

Nanny's Purple Eggs--with a Birdland twist

You'll need: eggs, beets (canned or fresh) vinegar, honey, herbs, salt, olive oil, water.

Hard-boil the eggs (and beets if you're using fresh ones).
Peel them and put them into a bowl with the beets and any beet juice. Pour in some vinegar, maybe a cup or a cup and a half. Add a few tablespoons of honey, a few tablespoons of oil, and enough water to cover all of the eggs. Add any fresh herbs you want, salt and pepper. Let sit in the fridge over night.

When sufficiently pickled the eggs will be a deep magenta almost to the yolk, and have a rubbery texture. A delicious blend of tart and creamy.

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